Faculty of Glendale Community College are proud of their art programs, but how well are they received by their aspiring students?

GCC offers numerous opportunities in the art field, from diplomas, real job experience and art show publicity as described on the GCC website. The offers seem to be very helpful in building each student’s character and ability to convey their passions in theory. According to azarts.org, “Arizona’s arts and culture industries contribute $9 Billion to the state’s economy,” suggesting the economy benefits from the art retail, despite Arizona being 28 percent below the national average when it comes to art business. Does this mean it is hard for artists in Arizona to find jobs? Are they prepared for the industry? To find out whether the art programs at GCC are really beneficial, we turn to digital art professor Anita Oas about how she views her students’ progress.


Q: Ms. Oas, how prepared are students after attending all of their courses?

A: Students should be well off to transfer to a University, or should have enough insight on how art design works to seek out jobs of their own if they are working freelance.


Q: How many job opportunities do these programs open up for them?

A: Depending on what they are going for, they can work as an artist for a number of things. If you look at the Traveller, you can see that their skills range from type, to paint to photography, all sorts of things. We try to hit many areas.


Q: What do you think is one of the most essential things students should take away from your course to prepare for the real world?

A: Learning what hierarchy is. Being able to structure your work and knowing that there are several ways to do that.


The professor’s resolve feels true, but as good as their determination is, it can always be conveyed differently on the receiving end of their good will. We ask student Bryan Galarza how he feels about the digital art program he is currently in.


Q: Do you feel like your knowledge on your major is progressing?

A: Yes. I feel like I know more than I did when I first started. There is a lot I can do now.


Q: Do you think that you will be prepared to look for a job after graduating?

A: I think I will be able to do most jobs, but actually looking for the job and having the right things in my portfolio is still a little confusing since everyone looks for something different. The good thing about the time we live in, we can make money individually. We don’t always have to rely on getting hired by big art businesses thanks to the internet.


Q: Is the art program here a good start for everyone?

A: No. I don’t think so. A lot of the stuff you learn here, you can actually just look up on the internet and get the same information out of it. I didn’t know that when I started. I think it’s good if you don’t really have a good sense of direction and need help with the basics.


For the most part, the student seemed satisfied with their learning experience, but there were still a few things that made him feel unprepared. The art programs offered at GCC are adequate in providing students with a basis of understanding in the fields they are interested in, but it is difficult to say whether they will find everything taught to them useful.

Overall, the art programs seem to be a great tool in preparing students for their future careers and transferring to continue their education at renowned universities. The conversations brought to light the fact that the modern world gives artists a platform on the internet to pursue their passions. Similarly, they helped to showcase that there are some essentials which are attainable through GCC’s courses. For more information on the digital media arts program, email [email protected] or Jessica Dickison at [email protected]