Raising Goods, Raising Awareness


Local honor students are working together to raise donations for the Glendale Community College food pantry through a canned food drive from April 1-30. The Honors Forum students plan to increase food security and items to stock in the food pantry located across the Student Leadership office in the Student Union.

The students are taking the material they learned from the Honors Forum, a class dedicated to teaching students effective leadership skills, and guiding their class goals to give back to the GCC community. Jasmine Greer, one of the students working on the project, said that raising food and other necessities for the food pantry is essential because “we understand a student’s budget and how expensive things are [when] trying to find an effective way to be successful in college.”

“I didn’t know about it myself,” said Angel Fuentes, “[hopefully] people will see it and bring awareness on the food pantry and food insecurity [GCC has].”

According to the students, Connie Greenwell, from Student Leadership, said that over 13,000 students and employees in the past academic school year had gotten something from the food pantry, with 6,000 people being from the Fall 2018 semester alone.

“When you’re hungry you’re not paying attention in class, and that makes it difficult to focus if I needed it or someone else needed it,” said Andrea Shays, a GCC student, “But it’s not just students getting things from the food pantry, its faculty as well.”

Providing free, accessible options for students and faculty is why the students chose to have a donations drive—not just for food, but other items too such as toothbrushes, diapers and more.

The idea of a food pantry started years ago when a music professor offered peanut butter sandwiches in the music room and anyone, as long as they were quiet, were able to get a free treat. Once the school saw the impact that the teacher made, GCC then made a designated area for students and faculty to pick up three free items and toiletries and baby supplies when available.

The group is collaborating with Associated Student Government by offering incentives to the top three clubs that raise the most goods, and with The Palm’s Cafe, the cafeteria in the Student Union, to implement a 99-cent bin.

The on-campus food drive will run from April 1-30 and will have club collections on May 3. Students and staff can find a donation box in the Fitness Center, HT1, Math building, Student Union, and Life Science Building.