A Q&A with Pianist Mintang Ma


Glendale Community College piano student Mintang Ma is giving a recital April 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Music Two building.

Q: How long have you been playing piano for?

A: Well, I have been playing the piano for 15 years. I started playing it when I was four.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing the piano?

A: Well, my favorite part is just the beautiful melody and the beautiful music I can learn and play and the fact that I can play to others and make people enjoy it.

Q: What does it mean to you that you’re able to showcase your abilities in your own solo recital?

A: I think it’s a pretty big step. I saw some other students have done their own recitals before too, and I think it would be a very good chance to show my piano skills and to let other people to go to a recital that is only by me.

Q: Do you get nervous during performances? What is going through your mind?

A: Well it can be a little bit sometimes, and usually I’m just thinking about the music, that’s it. If I played for a longer time then I will be much less nervous.

Q:What specific pieces are you playing at your recital?

A: It’s just all the classical pieces by those well-known classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff and those composers.

Q:Was there a reason you picked these pieces?

A: Well I started piano by learning those classical pieces and I’ve been playing classical through my piano career. So I’m just choosing the piece, the style that I’ve been playing.

Q:What has your musical journey up to this point been like?

A: So piano is a lot about practicing and getting good teachers. So when I was young I couldn’t stay on a piano for a long time because when I was little I just didn’t like practicing for two hours a day. I would just get bored at that. But later on as I listened to more pieces, as I played more pieces and went to more classical concerts, I really found what I like.

Q: You said piano takes a lot of practice, how long do you usually practice for?

A: Now, I usually practice for, it depends on how much time I have. If I have enough time I would say at least three hours a day. I think that’s the minimum to be good at it.

Q: How has the music program at GCC helped you improve as a musician?

A: I like the studio class GCC offers in the piano major. So the piano students will gather around in the classroom at least once every week and they would just play the pieces that they are learning now or they feel comfortable to show out. It’s very frequent, it happens every week, and students can see what each other is good at, and what each other needs to work more on. The progress can be seen by everyone and I think this is quite a good experience.

Q: What are your biggest hopes for the future?

A: I hope I can become a professional pianist that can appear on the big stages and cooperating with the big orchestras. That’s one of my dreams.