GCC’s funny and uplifting “Barefoot In The Park”

Neil Simon’s 1963 play “Barefoot In The Park”, is the Glendale Community College Theatre Department’s newest production, directed by David Seitz.

The play shows a newlywed couple with completely opposite personalities trying to make marriage work.

The comedic timing was perfect, almost sitcom like, and several moments made the audience laugh out loud.

The couple’s relationship really stood out as opposites to one another. Corrie, played by Courtney Ekstrom, was enthusiastic and spontaneous, while her husband Paul, played by Alexander Garcia, was much more cautious and sarcastic.

The play follows Corrie and Paul as they move into a new apartment with leaky plumbing and a hole in the roof after the honeymoon. As the two adapt to each other’s differences, they meet Victor Velasco, their odd neighbor who lives in the building’s attic. Convinced that her mother is lonely and needs love, Corrie sets up a date night for herself, Paul, her mother and Victor.

Corrie’s mother, played by Jamie Forney, was witty and sarcastic. Isaac Salazar, who portrayed the character Victor,

Krystalynn Newbury
The set to “Barefoot in the Park.”

gave a colorful and entertaining performance.

The apartment set design had a vintage look to it, as the play was written in 1963. They kept a 1960s vibe to the set.

Overall, “Barefoot in The Park” was a hilarious show that successfully displayed the ups and downs of marriage.