Is Gun Control the Real Problem?

There is currently a culture war regarding gun regulation with the dividing sides being pro-2A or pro-gun control. However, gun control isn’t the real problem.

It is important to realize that the Constitution and its Amendments are not rules for society, rather the rights of the people the government cannot infringe. The government governs to serve the people, not itself as an entity.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Party politics are causing division between the people and officials in Congress with an “us versus them” mentality. The truth is, if the country truly wants to decrease the number of gun deaths in the United States, people must take this issue together rather than divided.  It’s the principle of quantity versus quality; if there was one pro-gun control national organization, that group would have more power and members to bring forth real change compared to what we have now. If we understand the idea of strength in numbers, then why isn’t there a group that appeals to the majority across the political spectrum? Well, because that’s what they want—division.

There are organizations, businesses, elected officials, lobbyists and even foreign companies that benefit from our current system of gun violence and accessibility to guns. The way they manage to maintain such a ‘war’ between people is by creating fear on both sides. The term gun control itself is so ambiguous that opposing sides understand different definitions. Some see gun control as a legislation expansion of current laws like background checks, gun registration and controlled sales of certain types of guns. Others see gun control as total removal of arms from regular citizens.

The way special interest groups have effectively succeeded in profiting off societal fear is by removing any form of education. By removing civics and gun safety courses from public schools, students have become unaware of their rights as citizens and are taught that guns are bad. Why? Because it’s easier to manipulate a group of people that don’t know their rights so that they will depend on others, like law enforcement—a government agency—to tell them their rights.

This is the actual problem: allowing fear of each other to divide the country and cause no solution to gun deaths. Citizens of the United States will never give up their rights to bear arms but there are ways to fix the gun control system. We must look at what we agree on first and compromise on how to manage guns in the country. But this can only happen by removing the mentality of opposition. Gun owner or not, individuals must go to war against gun violence, not a war between ourselves.

In these States we must be United, not divided.