Lemons, Quarters and Metal Spatulas


Karen Gamez

Arcade Games at the Lemoncade.

Two local businesses have taken a creative approach in establishing themselves by 58th Avenue in Downtown Glendale. Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls and Lemoncade are two jointly owned and operated businesses focused on bringing the community together through lemons, quarters and metal spatulas.

Lemoncade, was founded July 7 of 2018 as a lemonade store offering more than just freshly squeezed lemonade. The store contains over a dozen classic arcade games, pinball machines, a hockey table and more. Since they’re all mainly retro games from a few decades past, all it takes is a quarter to play and have a good time. The colorful glow from the games not only creates a nostalgic feel of arcade centers but illuminates spray-painted art along the walls of Lemoncade.

“The City of Glendale is focused on making downtown an entertainment district, but there are no family places, except the park and the library, that are a safe place—somewhere for Glendale families to go to,” Manager Monique Mata said.

If vibrant walls, gourmet lemonade, or games aren’t of interest, then maybe something colder may be of better preference.

Next door to Lemoncade is Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls, a rolled ice cream sho. Their toppings vary from fresh fruits, cookies, candy, and vegan alternatives. The ingredients, art, colors and social media create a family oriented environment for Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls and Lemoncade.

NiNo McCurley, the owner of both businesses, is no stranger in giving back to the community. After serving in the military, working as an EMT and a firefighter, an injury caused McCurley to take an alternative approach in unifying Glendale. With different connections made in Las Vegas and California, his focus on small businesses expanded in Arizona with other entrepreneurs. Located inside Lemoncade are other small groups working in custom printing on shirts and hats. McCurley said that it’s important to see the community get exposure for upcoming businesses that wouldn’t have had the ability to do so on their own. “They’re a working class cultura” Mata pointed out, as they are mainly Chicanos and on the low-rider scene.

Karen Gamez
Arcade Games at the Lemoncade.

“We have live music, events, and board games that are free to use … the arcade games operate on quarters … a night here is not going to break the bank,” McCurley said.

Marco Gutierrez, one of the eight employees working at both businesses, explained that both businesses do as they say—they give Downtown Glendale a different vibe. “I like how much fun people here…listening to people laugh is what makes this a one of a kind job,” he said.

The business is looking to expand with food trucks, which fans of the Lemoncade and Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls should be looking forward to.