French Club looking for new members

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The French club will continue with its work of teaching students about the French culture. The club has selected its new panel of ambassadors and is encouraging students to join.

The French club is not only a club that focuses on the French language and culture, but it is inviting to other cultures as well.

“It [French club] brought more culture into the community. We talk about news in French. It’s integrated the French culture into the community,” student Craignertenele Nyirinda said.

Nyirinda joined when a friend told her about the club. She speaks little French but feels that it is a club that anybody can enjoy. Members can bring in food from their own culture everyone can try as well as try French cuisine.

The club has different meeting dates where they do different designated activities. One of the activities is the highly anticipated dessert competition that happens each semester. Students can bring in dessert and then vote on the best food.

“You are learning more about your classmates and it is better to be involved in school,” student Zahraa Al-Taii said. Al-Taii joined after noticing the booth for the club at the club fair last year. It is a place where Al-Taii feels she can make friends and get involved. Al-Taii also gets to share the Arabic food that her mom makes with the club.

Prof. Betsy Wheeler was was French club advisor for 5 years before Prof. Belgica Winemiller took over. Now she just considers herself a member of the club to practice her French.

“It gives students the opportunity to experience other cultures than they are used to. Students learn through food, videos, music, and games. They learn diversity from other students in the club,” Wheeler said.

According to Wheeler, the club is for increasing awareness of other cultures besides one’s own culture.

“We have one worldview. So many things are out there in the world… It [being aware] enriches your life and perspective that the world has so much to offer,” Wheeler said.

The French Club meets on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in LA 103. It is not a requirement to be fluent in French and the club is always open to new members.