The First Music Showcase of the Semester


Sebastian Damiani and Annie Taylor-Scott performing “Nature Beyond Art” by Thomas Arne.

Glendale Community College musicians captivated the audience at the first music showcase of the semester on Feb. 1. Students volunteered to perform works to an audience of music lovers and classmates.

“I love to be in front of people. When the nerves kick in it’s fascinating what happens… [I came here] to create something and make people feel feelings they never thought they could feel,” said singer and GCC student Sebastian Damiani.

     This showcase there were an abundance of guitarists, a singer, and a pianist that performed music from Thomas Arne to Franz Liszt.  

     Students got to perform music that normally isn’t played on the radio or well known to the public. It is pieces that they have been practicing on their own and is a way for students to showcase their abilities to the public.

     Guitarist and student Oscar Cabrales performed “The Rose in the Garden” by Carlo Domeniconi to become more comfortable in front of an audience. The students also received feedback after they performed as well as a video recording of their performance. It allows the students to improve and grow as musicians.

“It’s my passion. [I did it because] I am acting against those who underestimate me. I do it for myself. Music is beautiful; it touches my soul,” said guitarist Job Jimenez. Jimenez believes that the showcase is important because it will introduce the audience to new music or music they had not heard before.

     There will be two more showcases this semester, one on March 19 and the last one on April 9. Students are encouraged to perform as well as participate as audience members.

     “Have an open mind. You should have a good time,” Cabrales said.