Trump makes the world great again

Gage Skidmore/Freelance “Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally,” Gage Skidmore said.

Editorial by Adam Ibrahim

From a Muslim Arab refugee, American citizen and journalist, I am writing about the hero of century President Donald Trump. Trump was the miracle who came to save the world, including people, buildings, the Earth and even animals and trees.

I am giving in little bit of memories, and comparing between two different presidents, elections, governments and agendas. Personally, I am still remembering the situation of the world before Trump was elected for president.

For many people, the world likely came to an end. More than 20 million people displaced, more than 5 million dead, more than 10 million children deported, more than 30 million hungry people, more than millions of millions of homes destroyed. Some cities were completely destroyed.

On the other hand, the Obama administration was watching over the world damages. Plus, ISIS sent threat messages to America and Europe, and the Obama administration kept watching.

Obama left behind a lot of damages, such as security and political issues; therefore, Trump needs to be in office in order to improve the situation. Also, Obama was a loser on declare with a commercial weapon case with North Korea and Iran.

Trump took responsibility to solve this complicated and dangerous issue. The consequences, North Korea stopped their activation of commercial weapons and is now in economic and a political blockade sanction.

Many things got involved in this war like countries, regimes, agendas, ISIS and militia. For example, ISIS and militia spread around the world, such as the Middle East through Europe and even America.

The risk was very high, and some countries started getting ready for World War III. Most of the countries had released the state of emergency, such as Egypt, Turkey, France and more. There were three countries already destroyed, such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen and continued. Who’s next?

Many international media news released new world maps, new flags and names after countries division. For example, the map shows the new look of the world.

The conclusion of the situation before Trump is miserable and unsecured.

The hope just gets back again to people after Trump elected for presidential and it was just like magic. The situation just got upside down and drop down the risk and increased the hope up.

President Trump and his administration all together try hard to fix every problem, such as politic, economic and security by increasing the army finance and increasing the minimum wage by open trade with every countries, such as Arabia, Canada, Mexico and others.

Iraqi army officer said, “President Trump changes our life, Iraq from third quarter ISIS and militia to complete Iraq liberated.

Also, he said Baghdad city was unsafe and the reason of the car bombers every single days.” And he wishes for Trump to be elected in 2020.

Iraqi and Syria are more stable than before, and they are looking to rebuild what’s destroyed.

The bad news for the world is the Iraqi militias leader said, “We are still available and ready for back to Jihad again.” He meant by “again” is after Trump leaves the office!

Imagine if Trump is not the president. We are not just support Trump, but we are going to fight for Trump.