The chilling adventures of Sabrina

By Angel Munoz

Witches, demons, satanic rituals, spells and the devil. Twists and turns are done to the lore of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” right of the bat is happy until some very dark things start to happen in Greendale. The darker tone of the show is somewhat appreciated but sometimes it goes to dark that it could lose its audience especially if their religious. I suggest if you have a problem with some satanic rituals taken place in the show don’t watch.

Netflix does well in rebooting “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” but some scenes they really could’ve done without. There is many scenes that add context to the story. The story overall is well told, but I feel they should’ve ended it in a different way. The show is about madam Satan attempts to make Sabrina sign her soul to the devil, do whatever the devil demands her to do or chose the mortal life.

Kiernan Shipka portrays Sabrina Spellman very well in showing her fear in leaving her friends behind, signing the devils book and showing her life in the witch world vs. her life in the mortal world. Kiernan Shipka delivers an evolution of Sabrina over the episodes, where she feared about her dark baptism/signing the book of the devil to where she is fearless and does not fear the devil no more. The other Spellman’s deliver great performances all around. Lucy Davis (Hilda Spellman) and Miranda Otto

(Zelda Spellman) play the mother figures to Sabrina and Miranda’s emotions are so mixed at times because she sometimes tends to move astray from her satanic beliefs at times and then she is pulled back again. Hilda shows a more caring role than Zelda because she tells Sabrina to do what she believes is right.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”,overall, does well explaining her new lore, but could use a little explaining to her new origin. The darker twist to her tale is very much appreciated, but I expected it to be a lot more scarier than it was. I would rank this Netflix show 8.8/10 stars.