GCC library celebrates 231 years of U.S. Constitution

GCC Librarians Michelle Petry and Pamela Gautier prepare for Constitution Day and National Voter Registration Day.

Adam Ibrahim

International Editor

The Voice


The upcoming events at Maricopa Community Colleges during this September 19, 20 and 25. American Constitution Birthday is a special day in America and for all Americans; therefore, all Arizona Maricopa County College districts are going to celebrate the constitution birthday every September. In this year, Glendale Community College will host the Constitution Day and National Voter Registration Day Celebrations. The events will be in two different locations. The Constitution Day will locate at Student Union and the National Day will be at College Library. Both events will be from 10 a.m. to 1p.m.     

“All of these events are designed to promote civic engagement and education, so that students can not only use their voice to participate in this democracy but have the understanding of how to research candidates and issues to make informed decisions,” Faculty Librarian and Instruction Coordinator, Pamela Gautier said in an email. Both events are open and free for every for all college and ESL students.

The Constitution Day contains presentation and party, the presentation will focus on the constitution history and educational plus display the constitution background. Also, there will have a party include fun and free cake.

“The importance of voting, particularly for young, first-time voters; issues that impact the community; ways to get involved,” Gautier said. The librarian’s goals are to provide all civil rights information to new the young generation include the emigrants such as international students. Young and international students can take an advantage to learn their civil rights and how practice freedom and how constitution protect the civil rights.

“Youth voter turnout nationally for the midterms is only about 20%. There are many reasons for this, but one reason young people give for not voting is not knowing how to register and vote or how to research candidates and issues. We hope to empower students by offering these events that highlight resources for them to be better informed,” Gautier said. Young students and first-time voters are going to have an opportunity to take the first step in their life of democracy. The first step will help new voters to know the methods of democracy in vote and receive voting education like show the right way to find the right person to be their voice in the government.

“The constitution relating to freedom of speech will be there of course but it will be limited to what a person can and can’t say,” GCC Student, Theophilus Mason said. Also, he says it is opportunity to attend constitution event. GCC students are interesting to attend the constitution event because they feel, it’s important to know about the civil rights and students’ rights.

In the western, government does not allow hijab in college. Here in the United Pamela Gautier States, the constitution gives the Muslim women or girls students freedom for living and practice a religion; therefore, this event could be opportunity for Muslims students to understand their rights in college because all that rights in first amendment and the rights are protected by the constitution.

The workshop group will be available at the GCC library to show the vote method. All work and registration will be electronically complete over the computer. how to find out if your vote was counted or not, it’s everything done through the website.” The librarian reference desk will be available as well to assist student as needed.

The Glendale community college library references desk will prepare about four desktop computers for voters and more if its necessarily students need it. All the references computers already setup with the registration website on to make it easier and faster voting.