‘Vampire Cowboy Trilogy’ a combination play


by Lauren Bookwalter

The theater production “Vampire Cowboy Trilogy” will be opening on Oct. 5 at GCC Main Campus for the public to watch. Students have been rehearsing since the first week of the fall semester when auditions took place.

Unlike most plays, “Vampire Cowboy Trilogy” gives off the impression that it is three plays in one.

“There is going to be a detective scene, a superhero scene, and a spinoff of Xenia Warrior Princess,” said actress Kelcee Bright.

Students rehearsing their roles for the play. Photo by Rachel Spillane

Bright says she has worked with the director Layne Racowski before and when she heard about this play she was excited to use her creativity to help put on the show. Bright is currently filling the roles as an actress and as a crew member on props.

“I kinda got my creative side going. We’re going to be doing three plays at once. So then I can mash up all of my creative ideas to make a big picture, like a big comic book strip. That’s what they are envisioning,” Bright said.

She describes the play as “an open book.”

“The creators of this play technically were like ‘Let’s not have a moral of the story. Let’s just combine all of our favorite comic book genres into one play,’” Bright said. She added that if students are interested in these types of genres that they will enjoy watching this play.

The play, written by Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker, starts with the story of Jake Miscow, a paranormal investigator who receives a case from a woman having issues with a ghost.

The second segment of the play continues with Captain Justice as he fights a villain attempting to conquer the United States.

The play ends with a scene focusing on the character Tina the Teenage Warrior Princess.

Auditions were held the first week of August. They lasted for two weeks and production began when the script was distributed among the crew.

Bright concluded that stepping outside of your comfort zone is important and that “Vampire Cowboy Trilogy” is a play outside the ordinary.

“If you are depressed or tired of the world, come to this play. It will make you laugh; it will make you cry. You’ll feel a bunch of emotions and that’s what people need,” Bright said.