International Club brings students together with potluck


Members of International Club gathered together to share stories, food and laughs.

Global Education Services and the International Club hosted a Cultural Potluck on Wednesday, Sept. 12. The event was held in the Student Union 104 and was from 2-4 p.m.

Club members, students and guests were encouraged to bring a cultural dish to share. Music and artists from around the world played in the background. Everyone was also encouraged to dress in their cultural attire.

The director of Global Education Services is Lenor Carrasco. She wants American students to learn from international students and vice versa. She said that her goal is to, “internationalized the campus.”

Among the dishes served were pizza, chips and salsa, rolled tacos, a vegetable platter and fried rice.

Cultural dishes brought and placed side by side.

Kaung Naing is a GCC student from Myanmar. He is the International Club Treasurer and helps with the club officers. His American name is Evan. This is his third semester at GCC. His dish was fish chips. They were like the American pork rinds but with fish instead of pork. He said he likes to cook in his spare time.

“I got to meet new people,” he said when asked about what he enjoys most about the club. “I like meeting with different backgrounds.”

He also likes to learn about new cultures.

Lincoln Munago is a student from Zimbabwe. He is studying computer engineering. When asked about what he likes about the club, he said, “Sharing of culture.”

He also said that he likes the opportunities to volunteer.

Some students attended for their English as a Second Language course (ESL). One method students learn a new language is through music and films.

Faculty member Felicia Petrenco had said that the International Club has helped at food pantries. She had also said that the club does other socializing activities such as bowling.

Members of International Club gathered together to share stories, food and laughs.

According to their webpage on the GCC Club and Organization, the International Club was originally called International Student Association. The reason for this change, as said in their information, “it clear that the club is to all GCC students, not just international students.”

Global Education Services offers to global students the International Education Program and the Non-credit English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The International Education office is in the Enrollment Center (EC).

The International Club meets every other Wednesday. They meet in Business and Information Technology (B) 108 from 3-4 p.m. Their next meeting will be on Sept. 26.