Summer break opportunities for students


by Adam Ibrahim

When summer break comes up, many students and teachers start talking about beaches and how they will spend their vacation. Some people like to get a great tan, so the beach is a good opportunity for fun during summer break.

Many students travel in direction to California and Florida’s beaches because these states have cool summers and beautiful beaches. California is close to Arizona and it has many beautiful places beside the beaches to visit, have fun and take photos. Getting to California only takes around five hours, helping some students who can use their own car to avoid spending money on a plane ticket.

“I am planning to go visit California. [California has beautiful places] to visit beaches and the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” GCC student, Alyana Santingo said.

Besides California’s beaches, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a famous and popular place to visit. Some say that students prefer beaches in the summer because they think of relaxing after college finals. Also, the beach has clean air, and the opportunity for a wonderful sun treatment and exercising by swimming.

“I do not have plans for the summer break, just for work. I am not interested to go out of state,” GCC student, Ivan Amado said. Not every student is planning to have a vacation, but some students have plans to work and stay in the state until the fall semester begins. “I know many students plan to leave the state in summer break for cool weather like go to the beaches,” Amado said.

“My plans for summer break include taking some summer courses and working. Some relatives from out of the country will be coming to visit my family for a few weeks, so I am hoping to spend time with them,” ASU student and tutor at GCC, Maya Aragon said.

During the summer break, there are many online travel companies open offering the best cheap summer vacations, according to U.S. News. Many students use websites to find better deals and beautiful place. Some of the popular sites include Trivago, Tripadvisor,, Priceline, Kayak and others. Students can compare hotel rooms by looking at the quality, and investigate the services because some hotels give free breakfast with the room or include other types of meal services.

Some hotels and airlines have partnerships for further discounts. Students can check deals directly on the airline or hotel chain’s company websites. For example, a recently published deal to Santa Monica featured a deluxe hotel room for seven nights including roundtrip flight from Phoenix for $2,062.