Bluebirds hand Gauchos second loss of season in four set stunner


By Nick Spooner

Sports Editor


The Glendale Community College Gauchos suffered a tough home loss at the hands of the South Mountain Community College Bluebirds Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The Gauchos lost three out of four sets: 26-28, 27-25, 24-26 and 13-25 as their record fell to 12-2.

“I thought we battled okay, but we made so many mistakes and had so many unforced errors that it made it almost impossible to win,” Gauchos head coach Lisa Stuck said.

“I think when we don’t pass well our offense becomes predicable, and it becomes easy for their blockers to set up on our big hitters. That is what happened tonight. Passing was off and our offense got predictable,” Stuck said.

The first three sets were really back and forth with each point feeling like it could go either way. However, the Gauchos struggled from a lack of depth late.

“We don’t have a lot of depth, we only have ten players, so if someone is having a bad game or an off night, we don’t have any answer for that,” Stuck said.

The gauchos also have a lot of youth on their team with half of the team being comprised of freshman.

“They are learning that their role is a lot greater than it was in high school,” Stuck said.

“I think the freshman are also on a pretty steep learning curve right now and they are learning how to handle tight games and high-pressure situations. This can be challenging for young players,” Coach Stuck said.

Despite the loss, coach Stuck was confident that her group of players will bounce back.

“I believe fully that we are going to be in the mix and that this is an example of the kind of example of competition we are going to face every time we play a conference match,” Stuck said.

The Gauchos next game will be played at Mesa Community College on Friday Sept. 22 at 7 p.m.



Maya Doyle jump serves for the Gauchos Sept. 20 (Glendale)