Diamondbacks put Valley on the map — for good

By Nino Gonzalez

Yes, Arizona’s been on the map for quite some time now.

But, before it was just a place to stay on your way to the West Coast or the East Coast. And if you stayed in Phoenix, it was probably because someone told you it was a nice place to stay while you plan a visit to the Grand Canyon.

However, now Arizona is known and respected on a national (if not international) level.

One of the greatest World Series in recent memory happened right here in what used to be Cactus Town. Now it’s better known as the home of the MLB Champions Arizona Diamondbacks!

Playing on the national stage against the world famous New York Yankees, the D-Backs let everyone know that Arizona is a place where people take their baseball seriously. For better or for worse, we’re no longer a desert town with road maps to the worlds biggest hole.

We are now playing with the “Big Boys”! So let the world know that even though we have a great baseball team, we have even greater people.

Welcome to the world stage Arizona, I hope you stay right here.