Diamondback t-shirts, other souvenirs become hot items

By Felicita Lopez Mendoza

Shortly after the Diamondbacks World Series Championship win thousands upon thousands of people waited in line for hours outside the Diamondback Team Shop downtown to get their hands on the infamous locker room t-shirts.

One women waited anxiously for five hours and purchased several t-shirts for her family members only to find out that her logo on her shirt was off center. Needless to say she was quite disappointed after waiting for hours.

She was not the only one there was several other fans who also had their t-shirts logo off center.

“Because there are official team products, they should insured quality products,” said Delia Nowakowski a Diamondback fan.

The Diamondback print shop printed thousands of t-shirts hourly. The demand was so high for locker room t-shirts.

Diamondback fans can take the locker room t-shirts back with the receipt to exchange it for another one, a team shop sales associate said.