Arizona Diamondbacks are the World Series champions

By Heather Hall

It is Sunday Nov.4, 2001 in the bottom pf the ninth inning during the World Series final game.

The score is Yankees 2 and the Diamondbacks 1 and we are at bat. Mariano Rivera on the mound. On the field are the three-time defending world champions. Rivera pitches the ball and Tony Womack hits the ball bringing a runner in to tie up the game.

Next to bat isCraig Counsell who is hit by one of Riveras pitches.

The bases are now loaded and the Diamodbacks have one out. Luis Gonzalez is thenext batter. Rivera pitches and Gonzalez does it!

He hits a bases-loaded single over shortstop bringing Jay Bell in for the win. The DiamondBacks win 3-2.

History has been made here in Arizona, the Diamondbacks win the World Series in only their fourth year of existence. They have become the youngest franchise to win a World Series since the major leagues expanded in 1961.

Baseball fans now have the memory of a wonderful postseason and season games followed by a history making world champion.

The fans are cheering and team is crying. Everyone on the team is hugging each other, while the fans continue to cheer.

Jerry Colangelo, who brought the Diamondbacks to the valley, shed tears after watching the Diamondbacks win the World Series. As the managing general partner of the Diamondbacks and being involved in professional sports for 35 years, Colangelo can now celebrate the winning of his first championship.

Arizona now has a place on the map as one of the best teams in baseball history.

After everything calmed down a little bit the MVPs were going to be announced. This year there were co-MVPs of the World Series. The MVPs were Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling. The two handled 8 2/3 innings on Sunday and Struck out 10.

This is only the second time in history there have two MVPs. Both were holding the MPV trophy up so the fans could see.

That’s when Schilling took the trophy and screamed, “Who does this belong to?” Everyone was cheering again when he looked at Johnson and Johnson tried to take the trophy away making it look like they were fighting over who got to take it home.

Wednesday Nov. 7, 2001, the first ever World Series parade was held downtown.

Tens of thousands of Arizona Diamondbacks fans flooded the streets of Phoenix and poured into Bank One Ball Park to catch a glimpse of the winning team.

Mayor Skip Rimsza, who also took part in the parade, gave permission to parents to allow their children to miss that day of school so they can congratulate the World Series champions.

The team members and their families were loaded into fire trucks from the 1930’s and 1950s, a double-decker bus and a tank. As the team road down the mile long route confetti was tossed from the roofs and windows of the high-rise building along the route.

I went down to the parade to witness this extraordinary event. It was a fantastic parade to see. It was as though the entire state of Arizona came to congratulate the Arizona Diamondbacks on a well deserved victory. People were cheering and screaming as the Diamondbacks road only the parade route.

Since the Diamondbacks made it to the World Series, people have been coming up with songs or rap beats to cheer on the Diamonbacks.

One group or radio deejays came up with two songs. The two were Krazy Kid and Ruben S. from 104.7KISSFM. The first song, which was a rap, they came up with was called, “D-BACKS 2001.”

This song was made in hopes of cheering the Diamondbacks on at the World Series. The second was called, “Where the Trophy At.” This was made after the Diamondbacks won the World Series.

If interested in these songs they can be downloaded from the website,

This has been one excellent event for Arizona. For those who were able to witness one of the games or the parade this is something that they will never forget.

If you couldn’t get tickets to the game or weren’t able to make it to the parade, just being able to witness history being made on television was the best thing to watch. For all of Arizona we would like to thank the Arizona Diamondbacks on a wonderful season and we are all looking forward to next season.