GCC offers opportunity to study abroad in Spain

Glendale Community College offers study abroad to Spain. The program registration is already open for 2017. GCC’s teachers and students have an opportunity to learn more about Spain. This program is about Spanish cultures and traditions. The Department of Communication and World Languages recommends to apply early before January 31, 2017. “GPA is a requirement for this program; the student needs to have a 2.6 GPA to be eligible for Spanish classes, Dr. Guiomar Borras said.
The study abroad program focuses on the study and practice of Spain cultures, languages, history, politics, society, geography and art. Spain’s population consists of many cultures such as Arab and European. More than a thousand years ago, Spain belonged to the Islamic States, and was called Al Andalus. Spain has very old cities, many historic houses and buildings have Arabic designs and styles. Also, Spanish people commonly use about 3,000 Arabic words alongside Spanish words. Spain history had a lot of changes at many times in the past. The museums in Spain has many fumes painting and statues. GCC students will study and see a diverse and rich culture.
“I enjoy taking my students to Spain and becoming a bridge that expands my students’ world both physically and emotionally,” Dr. Borras said. This program includes class credit hours and a Spain trip. This program has two classes, SPA 201 (4 credits) and SPA 265 (Advance Conversation 3 credits). Class schedule starts on July 3, 5 and 6 of 2017. The class fee will include “tuition and registration fee, lodging for entire stay in Madrid and Barcelona, daily breakfasts, weekly cultural activities, transportation, farewell diner, student medical insurance, entrance fees and guided tours to the museums and visits in Toledo.”
“The culture of Spain and their languages are different than the cultures and languages of Americans or Hispanic people,” Dr. Borras said. This program helps students to be closer to Spain’s culture such as sharing food and living and learning from the differences. The life in Spain is different. People take their meals at different hours than Americans. Also, most Spanish people usually take a nap everyday which is unusual for Americans. Students are going to learn all these differences by touring around the cities.
This trip will take about 20 days. Students will have a schedule for visiting each place in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo. These three cities have very old locations, famous football clubs and famous museums.
“Museums are an important part of our trip because students will do research before visiting each museum,” Dr. Borras said. El Prado and Reina Solfia are museums the students are going to visit. These museums have famous paintings and statues. Each painting and statue is hundreds of years old. Each one has a long story in the history of Spain.
Participants will depart on a flight on July 7 and arrive in Madrid on July 8; and return to the US on July 28. The students are going to stay in Spain about 20-21 days.