Superstitions haunt student athletes

by Pete Dorris


Superstitions with players and fans are big in the sporting world, especially when it comes to a team winning a game and the player playing well.

“I have always worn the same player’s jersey every game that I watch them play,” said Tim O’Conner. “It has never let me down, so I don’t plan on changing anything.”

Everyone has different superstitions, some people drive different taking a different route.  Most people don’t change their superstitions unless they have had bad luck, and want to change their luck of how it has been going.

According to on sports superstitions in baseball, spitting into your hand before picking up the bat is said to bring good luck. That appears to be the most popular amongst baseball players who were surveyed.

Johnny Pawling a sophomore catcher for the Gauchos baseball team said, when getting ready he has always put on his left sock first followed by his right sock, when he approaches home plate he has always touches the outside corner of home plate with his bat and wiggles his bat three times before he is ready.

While playing defense, his right batting glove is in his left back pocket. Johnny believes superstition have a great effect on how players plays.

Tyler Mills, a freshman is a catcher and first baseman for the Gaucho’s baseball team.  Some of the superstitions Mills has are when he is putting on his catchers gear. He puts on his left chin guard then to his right chin guard, and then he puts his chest protector on. When he is in uniform, he always has his batting gloves in his back pockets.

Some football player may have different superstitions compared to that of baseball and basketball.

Jevonte Domond, a right and left tackle for the Gauchos football shared some of his superstitions while playing.

“I listen to music prior to playing in a game,” Domond said. No certain artist just hip hop. Also before his game he listens to a Ray Lewis speech which gets him motivated for the game.

As you can tell there are many superstitions among different athletes who play different sports, all of them becoming a routine which lulls the athlete into a the mindset they need in order to perform.