Phoenix Coyotes face adversity head on

By Lucia Canales

The positive mindset of the Phoenix Coyotes after a three-game losing streak keeps the team’s momentum moving forward.

The 5-4 defeat at the hands of the Dallas Stars on Jan. 31 was yet another demoralizing defeat as Phoenix’s 16,879 enthusiastic fans were witness to an uninterrupted streak of bad luck during the last week of January.

The tough loss dropped the Coyotes’ record to 18-18-13-2 for the season but few who know the team have given up hope on the young squad’s run for the NHL playoffs.

“Desperation…… got to get points. The last games have been horrible. There’s no effort needed, just focus. There’s a lack of concentration, lack of shots…weak shots,” said Richard Nairn, Executive Editor of Coyotes Tonight.

In spite of the circumstances, the Coyotes’ resolve remains strong. The attitude is apparent in each of them.

“You think for a couple of hours what you did wrong and what you did right; you look forward to tomorrow,” right wing Fredrik Sjostrom said. “Tomorrow’s games are so important for us – you can’t think negative – got to stay focused and always think positive.”

The Coyotes’ desire to achieve success is evident. They are the NHL’s new breed of hockey players. Through the years, hockey has seen many changes, including the expansion from 21 to the present 30 teams. Today, teams are found in warmer climates and players are bigger, better, stronger and play longer.

“I think we’ll win. That’s how you always have to think,” goaltender Sean Burke said. “You have your good and bad days, but you have stay on an even keel and focus on what your job is.”

This is an aggressive team. The exertion comes from within, for Phoenix Coyotes’ victories extend beyond scoring points. “You can’t do anything about the past – we wish we could have played better, but now all we have to do is move forward and forget about the past.,” said center Jeff Taffe. “It’s embarrassing, especially when you lose at home. If we turn it around, we’ll be all right.”