AZ senate votes to kill pollution-protecting agency

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Dear Editor,

Arizona is under attack. America is under attack. Not from terrorists, but from within. These attacks are symptomatic of an even greater problem: the destruction of our youth and their future. Why? Pure unadulterated GREED!

A fine example could be seen in an article in the March 24 issue of The Arizona Republic entitled “Senate Votes to Close DEQ.” It is time for renewing the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for another decade, a standard “sunset” practice for state agencies.

The ADEQ is the state agency in charge making sure we have unpolluted water, air, and land in Arizona. They have done a good job…. too good, as far as some polluting companies and pollution promoting politicians are concerned.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Bob Burns, R-Peoria led the battle to kill Senate Bill 1140, which would have renewed AZDEQ for 10 more years.

A lot of Arizonans raised hell, and things changed the next day, with Senate Bill 1140 passing by a 22-8 vote to reauthorize the DEQ for 10 years. Rep. Ray Barnes, chair of the House Environmental committee pulled an “end run”, by first REFUSING the committee to even consider the bill, and at the same time running a “strike everything” amendment on another bill, limiting the reauthorization to only a 2 year period. They are siding with polluting companies that have been prosecuted for violating the law, and have cried to some politicians that they have been mistreated.

Rather than comply with the law, they want to plunder the earth and impose future health problems on growing young Arizonans by dumping their wastes into Arizona’s air, water, and land, they are shoving the cost of handling them onto you the taxpayer.

And, just WHO is the environment most valuable to? Not the older folks making the laws or causing the pollution. The environment is FAR more important to the youth of today, the youth of tomorrow, our posterity. One of the companies complaining the loudest was recently closed down by the DEQ because they were supplying substantial amounts of materials for the manufacturing of methamphetamines…. a supplier to METH LABS. Now there’s something to help Arizona’s youth!

Mr. Burns, Mr. Barnes, and etc. are not alone. This is also national CONSPIRACY.

If anyone really looks into the national scene they will find the same attacks on the environment from within.

EVERY major appointee of George W. Bush to positions of authority dealing with the environment is strongly ANTI-environment in their attitudes and dealings. We have a nation (and state) “foxes in charge of the hen house.” Business and political ethics today are in the bottom of the outhouse…… symptomatic of what many unscrupulous business managers and politicians care about the future of today’s youth.

What can be done? GET INVOLVED! Learn the facts of the situations and contact your elected representatives and voice your opinion.

They don’t listen to a few people, but DO listen to a lot of people. If more people voice their opinions, they WILL hear you. Anonymous Faculty Member