Bestseller hits home

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By Isreal Bobadilla

As a national best seller and now being translated in several different languages, “The Devils Highway” is a must read to dig deep inside the crass politics among many of the immigrants who cross the Mexican border to the US.

“The Devil’s Highway” tells a true story about one of the largest groups, who originally were called Wellton 26 and are now known as the “Yuma 14”, which is a story of immigrants led by a coyote who abandons the group in the southern Arizona desert in May 2001.

“Wellton 26” is the total number of immigrants who crossed, and “Yuma 14” is the 14 dreams that never were.

The author talks about the lives and dreams of the desolated immigrants, giving you an alternate look of why immigrants are crossing, and what they will do to risk it all. The Yuma 14 is only one story, compared to a plethora amount of other stories of broken dreams untold or unheard of and the abuse of militarized officials directed towards the immigrants.

Luis Alberto Urrea, a member of the Latino Literature Hall of Fame won the book of the year for “The Devil’s Highway” by The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Arizona Republic, and other publications.

Mr. Urrea is currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and he had a chance to talk about his growing up years at Phoenix College not too long ago during his tour. Mr. Urrea sold Copies of “The Devil’s Highway” and did a signing for the fans.