New controversial play written by one of GCC’s own

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By Kharli Mandeville

For those unlucky enough to have missed it, Breach of Faith, a one-act, original play written by Glendale student Ryan Hood, and directed by head of the theatre program, David Seitz, was recently staged at the Glendale Community College (GCC) performing arts center.

Though this was not Hood’s first staged original work, it is his first for GCC. While only extending about a half an hour long, with a small cast of three (Amber Steele as Mary Samuels, Ariana Loraine O’Rafter as Chris Miller, and JJ Hansen as Jeff Samuels) the witty twist and turns provided constant laugh-out-loud, and gasp moments to make you wish it were even longer. remembers the process of writing and staging his own work and states that it has been “fun, yet grueling at the same time,” (he’s been working on it since June). He began to write it as an intense, dramatic piece and says that it somehow “slowly morphed into a dark comedy.”

Breach of Faith is a tale of hypocrisy in which the characters use religion in order to assert the right to seek revenge on one another. When the father of Jeff and Mary dies, and the two try to poison each other through lemonade and cookies in order to gain the inheritance money left only to Jeff, the religious symbolism is clear: taking something sweet and using it to suit hypocritical self interests.

Interestingly, the part of Chris (Mary’s love interest) was originally meant to be played by a male, but when Ariana came in for audition, they (Hood and Seitz) were so blown away by her performance and the chemistry between she and Amber that they rewrote the original relationship into a lesbian one. However, the play is not about a lesbian couple (they just happen to be one), which I found completely refreshing as more mainstream media might have encircled the entire story around this concept rather than embracing their relationship as an everyday one.

Ryan claims he appreciates his cast and crew immensely, saying he has done theatre professionally before, and that, “they’re students, and they’re great… they could definitely make it in the professional world.”

He also holds a lot of respect for Seitz–affectionately deeming him his “mentor”. All in all, I found Breach of Faith to be quite entertaining, and would highly recommend anyone to check out whatever Ryan and the theatre department in general have in store for us for the rest of the semester.