Glendale Community College North presents Study Fiesta

Finals are approaching and this is a good time for students to buckle down and really focus on their work. Thursday Dec. 8 from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Glendale Community College North campus will be hosting a study fiesta. Students can come together and study for finals, work on projects, get tutoring, and enjoy the company of one another. The event will take place at GCN C-132 Student Lounge, and GCN C-143 Dining Room.

Study Fiesta is an event at GCC North that takes place during the last week of classes.

The event was patterned after Study Feast which happens at GCC Main campus. This semester Study Feast will be Dec. 7 from 6-10 p.m.

“I did find that most students that attended last semester found it very valuable,” said Jessie Leach, Study Fiesta’s Coordinator.

Faculty at North and tutoring departments are invited to participate in the event to help students with work.

The events main focus is to provide an opportunity for students to gather together and work on final projects, study for tests, or focus academically on other needs.

Student Life and Leadership provides food, drinks, and study supplies.

“We are excited about establishing Study Fiesta as a regular event at GCC North, and hope to grow more activities on that campus,” said Leach.

All students are welcome to the event at GCC North and GCC Main will provide an opportunity for students to come together and study as well.