NBA 2K17 delivers another one of a kind gaming experience

When it comes to NBA 2K17, it is very hard for the developers of the game to not make a veryfun game to play. Players look like a mirrored image of themselves, they are always improvingplayer movements, and they are constantly finding ways to make it worth the $60 price tag.

This year the 2K team really outdid themselves. 2K17 is a far better game than what even thebiggest 2K fan was expecting. The emphasis on player movement is second to none. Unlikeyears past, whenever a fan wanted to play as Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, Kyrie Irving theywanted to have the feeling of playing as Kyrie Irving.

However, in 2K games in the past a fan did not really get the feeling. Irving’s unique set ofcrossover moves and off balance circus shots did not really transfer over to the game like fanswould hope they would. This year, 2K17 put that to rest.

With their all new crossover moves, a fan can finally be Kyrie Irving and feel like he really iscrossing over defenders while putting the ball between his legs and finishing with an acrobaticlay up. 2K’s all new crossover features differ from player to player to make the game feel morereal life.

A fan can now get the feeling of euro stepping to the basket with Houston Rockets guard JamesHarden on offense and controlling the low post on defense with Miami Heat center HassanWhiteside. The game feels so authentic to the point where the Golden State Warriors areunbelievable from the 3-point line. Just like in real life, a fan can now pull up from nearlyanywhere along the three point line with Warriors point guard, Steph Curry, and have the samechance of making it as if he was wide open. Talk about real life gaming.

This year 2K also added a brand new shot meter. Gamers now have to shoot with the analogstick for a better chance of making the shot. And of course the timing of the release differs fromwho it is you are shooting with. Some players have a quicker release than others which makes itreally fun trying to get the timing down from player to player.

2K also introduces a new broadcast team. This year Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony areaccompanied by a rotating crew that includes Clark Kellogg, Brent Barry, Chris Webber, SteveSmith, and Doris Burke who will work her way from the sidelines to the broadcast booth. Thisyear working the sideline is long time NBA analyst, David Aldridge. The rotating crew enhancesthe gaming experience by not making it boring to listen to the same voices every game that is played.

The 2K team rarely disappoints when it comes to their NBA games, and that is once again thecase as NBA 2K17 has exceeded expectations. They emphasized a change in playermovement, and authenticity and delivered it by a long shot. NBA 2K17 should be in everyone’srotation this gaming season.