Madden season is upon us

September has rolled around which means summer is not far from being over, students are back in school, and Madden season is here. This year EA Sports and the NFL teamed up for the highly anticipated Madden 17 video game, and so far it has not disappointed.


Madden 17 introduces a revamped emphasis on player mechanics, movement, interaction, and an upgraded Franchise mode experience.


The biggest change people playing the game will notice is the rushing attack. Unlike years past, this year Madden gives the person behind the controller full control of the running back. With an entirely new juke, spin, and stiff arm system; gamers now have to time every move they are making and chose wisely what button they are going to press. Every handoff feels completely different,  just as it would in real life.


Another improvement this year is the offensive line play. Years past it didn’t really matter who was blocking for the quarterback or who was carving out the running lanes for the running back. This year if the offensive line isn’t strong, the offense will have rough day trying to move the ball.


As far as the defensive side of the ball, the player must carefully choose how they are going to tackle their opponent, they must time their tackle correctly, and each player must fulfill his assignment on every play. Choose to tackle a player too early and the running back will simply hit a spin move and their opponent will be playing the replay button non-stop.


This year, Madden also introduces a brand new commentary team in Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin. Madden 17 will feature live commentary, which means whatever is happening in real life will be talked about the next time someone turns on their console to play the game.


An example of it is rise of Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott. Unless someone followed college football, the public probably didn’t know who he was, but because he has shined in the preseason they talk about his performance in the game. The new live commentary further creates a real life experience like never before.


Franchise mode has long been a fan favorite when it comes to Madden, and Madden 17 really delivered. This year, EA added a brand new Play the Moments feature where instead of playing the entire game, some can choose to only play the key moments. This means they simulate the game to every third down, defensive stand, or any time your offense or defense is in the red zone. This feature makes it possible to enjoy every weekly task and get through a season a lot quicker than before.


Overall, Madden 17 has been everything Madden fans have been asking for for years. Playing a game of Madden on a Wednesday feels like you are in the living room enjoying a barbeque and some drinks with your family on a Sunday.