Gaucho softball goes 4-4 in all competitions


GCC Softball opened up their season Feb. 2 against South Mountain Community College.

In the first game against South Mountain Community College, Cheyann Michael, Danielle Arndt, and Breanna Helm managed one double each for GCC. Madison Creed and Chelsea Havill lead RBI’s with two and Megan Mabery managed the first homerun of the season for herself and GCC. The final score of the back-to-back battle between the two teams ended with the Cougars walking away with a win by a score 9-8.

Mariah Ortiz, Danielle Arndt managed a double each in the second match vs the Cougars while Megan Mabery collected two. Mariah Ortiz also had one triple and lead RBIs with three. GCC lost to the Cougars this time by a score of 11-8.

At the Scottsdale Artichoke Classic, GCC Softball managed their first win of the season against Western Nevada by a score of 5-3. Breanna Helm picked up a sacrifice hit while Mariah Ortiz, Danielle Arndt, Chelsea Havill, Megan Mabery and Breanna Helm each collected one RBI to help GCC prevail over Western Nevada.

GCC met their exit from the Scottsdale Artichoke Classic the following game after falling to Southern Nevada by a score of 8-6. Megan Mabery managed her second homerun of the season and lead RBI’s with three. Danielle Arndt was close behind with two RBI’s along with Cheyann Michael with one.

GCC softball picked up two consecutive wins again Paradise Valley Community College on Feb. 9. In the 5-4 win in the first game, Cheyann Michael managed a double while Danielle Arndt and Caitlin Harris both picked up their first homeruns of the season and third for the team. Danielle Arndt collected three RBIs while Caitlin Harris collected two.

They showed their power once again over Paradise Valley in the second game, this time winning 14-3. Chelsea Havill, Johnnie Flores, and Mercedes Navarette all collected a double this time around. Havill, Flores and Navarette also lead RBI’s with two each along with Danielle Arndt and Megan Mabery.

Coming off two straight wins vs Paradise Valley Community College, GCC Softball faced the thirteen-time Region I Division II champions Phoenix College Bears. This proved to be a strong test for GCC softball as the Phoenix bears went ahead early in the first inning after Phoenix player Sierra Steimel stole home off an error and Danae King hit a two run homerun to make it 0-3 in favor of Phoenix College.

GCC managed to cut the score in half to 2-4 through a sacrifice bunt by Megan Mabery and a double by Chelsea Havill.

This would be to prove the closest GCC got as Phoenix College pulled away scoring three in the third inning, one in the fifth inning and seven in the sixth inning to win by a score of 15-2.

GCC softball showed their resilience in the second game vs Phoenix College walking away with a win by a score of 11-4

“The collective goal of the team is to qualify for the regional tournament and the national tournament” softball head coach David Grant said. “Some of the positives that I have seen continue to be in the areas of confidence and skill development.  Our negatives that we continue to overcome are in the areas of confidence, skill development, and togetherness”, Coach Grant added. “With the size of our team, we have developed a better trust in each other that will serve us well in high intensity games”, Coach Grant said in closing.