Phoenix College volleyball player transfers to GCC for different coaching

by Raiyen Fielding


Jamie Moser is a currently enrolled student at Glendale Community College. She transferred from Phoenix College for one primary reason: volleyball.

Moser signed for a full ride volleyball scholarship to Phoenix College after she graduated high school. She proceeded to play volleyball at Phoenix College for a semester before deciding to leave the team and take a hiatus from the sport. She felt she had lost the passion for the sport she once loved.

Moser deferred from school for the spring semester to think about what she wanted to make out of her life career wise. After deciding to change her major, Moser reenrolled at Glendale Community College as a psychology major, and now plans on trying out for the volleyball team come next season.

Moser has played volleyball for nine years now. Her mother coached the sport so, naturally, she picked up her interest for the game. She is positioned primarily as a setter, but has played as an outside and right side hitter in the past. Jamie’s mother, Sharon Moser, shares her daughter’s passion for the game and is her biggest fan. “Jamie’s playing has evolved immensely over the years, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of that and help her become the person and player she is today,” Sharon Moser said, on her daughter’s love and talent for the game.

Moser is a hard worker on and off the court; working a full time job, while also being enrolled in school as a full time student, and having the desire to get back on the court to play. “Jamie’s work ethic is great. She always goes above and beyond to help her coworkers and get the job done,” Jennifer Gentry, coworker of Moser, said. This work ethic transforms on the court with her averaging 14 assists per game.

The Phoenix College coach recruited Moser after scouting her play at Deer Valley High School. She spent six months playing over at Phoenix College before she decided to stop. The PC volleyball program was not what she envisioned it to be. “It could’ve went better than expected.  I didn’t agree with or like the coaching style,” Moser stated. She has played the sport for many different clubs and schools, including Arizona Desert Sky Volleyball Club and AZ Sky Volleyball Club, and has experienced many different coaching styles. “I didn’t like to play volleyball when I was there. The way the team was run, I just wasn’t having as much fun as I usually had when I played.”

The Glendale Community College volleyball team won Nationals last year. With this title under their belt, the GCC volleyball program has become desirable to numerous potential players, including Moser. “I just hope to make the team because after playing for so many years, I know that I will get back to loving the game and get to know a lot of amazing and talented girls. And it would be amazing for us to beat Phoenix College.” The next season will be approaching soon enough and Moser has already begun training in hopes of making the team.

Moser plans on eventually transferring to a University to continue her volleyball career and school. She plans on becoming a sports psychologist. “Having this much knowledge of a sport will most definitely help me in my career to come,” Moser said.