2K amazes, while FIFA underwhelms


It seems to be that time of the year again. Long removed from the World Cup in Brazil last year, there still remains the fact that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Meanwhile, the NBA is a leader in sports, with world-class athletes like Lebron James and Stephen Curry leading the charge. In the last issue both Madden and NHL were reviewed for this season, and continuing in the vain, there are two more sports titles to look at this fall.


The newest addition to the FIFA banner was released Sept 22 to gamers worldwide and allows users to immerse themselves in a digital soccer experience that seems all too familiar.

The most welcome addition to the series is the inclusion of women’s’ teams for the first time under the FIFA games. International stars such as Alex Morgan, Marta, and Christine Sinclair are now playable in FIFA 16.

The visuals of FIFA 16 are impressive, with thousands of faces scanned and imported into the game accurately and every Premier League stadium available to use in-game. The German Bundesliga got the same treatment as the Premier League did last year, with official graphics, scoreboards, and adverts in the background adding to the realism of the game. The commentary of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith returns, and it seems the same as before, some new dialogue was added to make commentary more dynamic to the game’s situations, but more commentary duos would be welcome here. The soundtrack includes many tracks that will either amp you up or make you want to get down; a constant with FIFA games being their excellent soundtracks.

The real downside to the game however lies with the essential part, the game itself. Nothing from the previous installment has really changed. The defensive side has been improved slightly but what really could’ve been added to a soccer game? Well perhaps a more intuitive career mode that you can actually get invested in? (more on this later) Some noticeable things as far as career mode goes is the ability to train your players yourself. Do you want to invest your time on your youth squad or improve your team right now? Ultimate Team is once again being pushed as the go-to mode this year, what with all the money EA makes off of micro transactions. With Pro Evolution Soccer coming right around the corner with a strong showing this year, FIFA might need to start making some improvements to the title or risk becoming obsolete.

FIFA 16 6.5/10

NBA 2K16

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie, only to star in a short film? That seemed to be the case when gamers played through the big Livin Da Dream mode to begin MyCareer. NBA 2K16 features a career mode so immersive it almost overwhelms you. In your daily actions, you can choose whether to engage in outside activities with other players, or pursuing endorsement deals by going to events for your sponsors. You can also choose to perfect your trade in live practice mode, and finally go through to the next day where you do it all again.

The visuals of this game are a lot more impressive this time around, with players never looking more realistic. 2K gives gamers an arsenal of creativity with an all new feature in their franchise modes where you can relocate and re-brand any team. Alter the logos, the colors, and the jerseys for your team while creating your own arena to host games in. The level of detail in the customization is incredible, and leaves players with unlimited options. The soundtrack fires back in a big way after a questionable selection last year; Lorde?

Gameplay feels a lot smoother and boasts a new pick and roll system that proves very useful in-game. At times, collision detection is a little shaky but overall the game still feels very realistic and fun to play.

There are many ways to play 2K this year, whether it be the story-driven MyCareer directed by filmmaker Spike Lee, the Franchise Modes MyGM and MyLeague, or the brand new mode 2K Pro-Am. This mode has a lot to do with the online MyPark feature, where you assemble an online team and compete in 5v5 action against teams all over the globe.

NBA 2K16 is sure to excite basketball and sports fans alike, and looks to be an early contender for Gaucho Gaming’s Sports Game of the Year.

NBA 2K16 9/10