Developer hiring GCC artists to paint apartment murals

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The developers of 59 Evergreen Apartments are soliciting for GCC artists, whether student or faculty, to design seven murals around the complex, opening summer of 2022.

Real estate developer Joel Broder created yet another partnership with the college to engage this new high-tech community with GCC students and faculty.

“I wanted to start with GCC because I’d like to have a new partnership with them. I think a number of students that go to GCC will probably live in our community,” said Broder.

According to the 59 Evergreen Apartments artist proposal form, the selected artist will have the opportunity to receive signature credit and publicity. Each artist will submit a narrative including thumbnails, sketches, and proposal price.

“Each of the different murals has a different complexity, time horizon, different media, and it might even take more than one person to complete. It would be best for each artist to submit a proposed price for services,” said Broder.

The murals will include 1 block wall (paint), 1 dog park (paint), 4 corrugated steel walls (vinyl), and 1 bank of package lockers (vinyl walls), each with its own potential to exhibit efficient and clean designs from talented artists.

Each mural will demonstrate its style and theme, helping to feature green building certification and bold earthy colors.

With a deadline of March 1, the developers of 59 Evergreen Apartments look forward to receiving new art proposals in hopes of finding the next aspiring artist from GCC.

Information about artist submissions is available here.  For more information about the apartment development, located at 8500 N. 59th Ave., visit You can also follow the project on Facebook and Instagram.

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