[Video] Arizona Freedom Rally gathers at state capitol

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The Arizona Freedom Rally, opposing vaccine mandates and promoting patriotic ideologies, gathered across the street from the Capitol yesterday evening.

The event was organized by Scott Smith, an airline professional faced with losing his job because of the mandate. Other groups, including the Boeing Patriots, also contributed to the organization and facilitation of the rally.

“When the federal mandate came down, at first I thought, oh, well, there’s other ways to make money. Next morning I woke up and I realized, what am I leaving for my kids if this becomes a precedence? What could be further on down the road? So I said, we’ve got to push back,” Smith said.

Video by: Ole Braatelien, Phoenix, Ariz. (November 17, 2021/The Voice).

At the rally were various speakers, including Republican candidates for congress, a member of the House of Representatives, musical performers, and ordinary citizens venting their frustrations.

The rally took place at 4 p.m., at the Wesley Bolin Plaza, just across the street from the Capitol building.

“What we’re doing right here is we’re calling on Arizona, calling Governor Ducey to call a special session. We need to write a law that says no government, no business, no school or other entity can force a medical intervention on another individual. Whether you’re for the vaccine or not I don’t care, but we can’t have a medical intervention; it’s force,” Smith said.

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