Peoria sports pizzeria takes care of community, community takes care of them

PEORIA, Ariz. – Since the introduction of COVID-19 to the lives of the Peoria community, Pat Ollomani says he never feared for the security of his family’s pizzeria.

“We have been here so long that we are a part of the furniture in Peoria. We have a wide spread of support from our customers so it is going to take a lot more than COVID-19 to shut us down,” Pat said.

Owned and run by Johnny Ollomani and his two sons, Pat and Kas, No. 1 Brothers Pizza has been open at its Peoria location since 1998.

The Albanian-owned pizzeria has a history that goes back to 1979, however, when Johnny first opened it at a different location. Since that time it has been family-owned and operated, even through COVID-19.

Pat explained that he believes it is apparent they have the community behind them, and they work towards rewarding the customers for their support.

When guests walk into Original No. 1 Brothers Pizza, they see an assortment of professional sports memorabilia as well as pictures of small community teams. Toward the back left of the shop, the wall is decorated with pictures of the customers’ childhood teams that they have brought in to the pizzeria.

The sense of community and togetherness that sports bring is what Kas Ollomani credits for the continued support.

“It’s no surprise that this pandemic has been tough on a lot of small businesses, but we have been lucky to have such continued support. Most of our customers are sports fans and when in-game attendance was not allowed they turned to us to provide the atmosphere they craved. Now we have become a tradition to some fans and to others we are just good food,” said Kas.

Kas says, looking forward, he is hopeful for the increase of business the more professional seasons like the NBA kick-off will bring.

According to the Ollomani family, the pandemic has not been easy on them, but it is undeniable that the “customers have had our back big time,” said Pat.  “We want to keep seeing the community be supportive, not only to us but also other small businesses because it definitely makes a difference. When the community thrives, we thrive and I have no doubt in my mind that we are on the mend as a community.”

Open seven days a week, Original No. 1 Brothers Pizza is found on at 7740 W. Cactus Road, Peoria, Arizona. The menu and hours of operation can be found at