Glendale’s Pinspiration brings crafts and community together

Glendale, Ariz. – Businesswoman Shellie Small has brought to Glendale a place to craft away the stress of the world.

Located at 6520 W. Happy Valley Road, Suite B-103, regulars consider Pinspiration a crafter’s heaven. Offering a fun place to host parties, do set projects, a room for paint splatter (ala Jackson-Pollock), and even wine, Pinspiration is touted as the place to bring Pinterest crafts to life in a fun community setting.

“My daughter and I had such a great time meeting new friends, and learning with them as well! We’d love to see more!” said C. Downing, a former patron.

The most popular activity at Pinspiration is the splatter room, hands down, Small said.

Inspired by Jackson-Pollock, you can expect paint flying everywhere; be prepared to get messy and to let out all of the emotions.  Pinspiration provides full PPE when a guest books this $20 experience.

Paint and sip nights are also quite popular, with a menu that includes white and red wines, beer, champagne, and non-alcoholic options such as bottled water, soda, and lemonade.

Small said one of her favorite things is seeing how her business brings people together.

“One time, I had two friends come in, and they had obviously been fighting and having a hard time in their friendship. When it was time for them to come out of the splatter room, I went to check on them and they were both hugging and crying. There is something very therapeutic about the splatter room. This wasn’t the first time I had seen this. I think COVID has hit everyone really hard, and something about rage painting really gets out those emotions,” Small said.

Small says she hopes to have continued success with not only her business, but with bringing the community together to heal from the past few years.

Before opening Pinspiration, Small was working a corporate job and going through the motions. While sitting in church one day, she said she had the overwhelming feeling she should open up a business, and so she did.

Small launched Pinspiration in the Fall of 2020, and has five employees working for her who have been there since the shop opened.

“COVID didn’t really affect us in the beginning. We had already planned to open and saw no obstacles while doing so. The issues didn’t hit until later, and now we are seeing supply chain problems,” Small said. “One of our biggest stocking problems at the beginning was the PPE, because understandably that was all being used by medical professionals. Then we sometimes had problems not being able to stock the art supplies we needed for parties and had to get creative to make things work.”

Small’s motto and vision for her company is “where community meets creativity.”

For more information on hours of operation and upcoming events, visit Pinspiration’s website at

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