City of Peoria to open temporary store front at Park West in early 2021

Peoria City Council unanimously voted, Nov. 10, to open a temporary store within the Park West Mall called “Pop-Up Peoria,” in April 2021.

Proposed hours for the shop are Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Friday to Saturday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Residents within Peoria are excited to be a part of the expansion and growth that Park West will bring to Peoria.

“Getting to live in a city that not only understands but encourages the growth of young minds through the classes that will be offered at Pop-Up Peoria is incredible. Children are our future and getting to have a place that is fun for both the kids and their parents will be really awesome,” five-year Peoria resident, Carolyn Vinck, said.

According to a cover sheet written by Jennifer Stein on the city of Peoria’s website, community members can look forward to a list of inviting activities that the pop-up shop prepares to offer. Events that could happen are entrepreneurship courses ran by the city and ASU, story times from the library, community art related classes, youth artist mentorships, author “meet-and-greets” and book signings, and other activities that are still being arranged.

A private investor gifted the city with a full year of rental space free of charge. The space includes local artwork, creative workshop classes, a portion of the Peoria city library, a space to hold meetings about the city, and will sell items from The Grand Shoppe.

The owners of The Grand Project Shoppe plan on working with many of the courses and supplying employees for the shop. This has given the city of Peoria a big savings on labor.

Opening “Pop-Up Peoria” required a one-time, $30,000 budget appropriation from the city council for necessary renovations to the 1,470 square feet building they are looking to move into. The budget was approved and passed during the Nov. 10 city council meeting.

Councilwoman Denette Dunn commented about how great she thinks deal this opportunity is. The year of free rental space is worth $60,000 and the city will only have to pay half that for “Pop-Up Peoria”.

Councilwoman Vicki Hunt said she is very excited about the potential that the store could bring. “Pop-Up Peoria is just a good deal all around for Peoria. It will bring people into Park West and help grow, as well as pointing people back into Old Town through the face of Grand Project Shoppe,” Hunt said. She believes it will bring business into the area and promote the hard work done by Grand Shoppe owners, Tracey Bentley and Stacy Martinez.

Park West is on the cusp of an upward trend. In the past two years, a private investor decided to breathe life into the Park West outdoor shopping center as a couple of the boutiques there were struggling with their business or closing shop all together. Along with Pop-Up Peoria, the investment has allowed restaurants such as Pita Jungle, Hash Kitchen, Jalapeno Inferno, and the Sicilian Butcher to establish themselves and continue growing.