Colados Coffee and Crepes opens second location in Goodyear

Colados Coffee and Crepes, a small family owned business in the Valley, has managed to thrive despite the competitive economy

The Reina family are proud owners of the small business Colados Coffee and Crepes. It was a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that turned into a public favorite over a short span of time.

There are two locations: one in Goodyear and the other in Avondale. They have a variety of options on their menus that are crowd pleasers, leaving their guests wanting more. They offer sweet and savory crepes with a variety of drinks from teas to smoothies.

“We managed to stay open by taking the correct precautions and adapting to the new changes and partnering with other companies,” said Jocelyn Reina, store executive.

The owners have a welcoming show of hospitality that plays a huge part in their success. The family and the business are both appreciated among the community for the recognition of their Latino culture.

“We like to treat our employees and guests like family. It is one of our values and we strive every day to make their day,” said Jocelyn Reina.

Colados Coffee and Crepes has products and recipes imported from Mexico. Each of these little details and aspects of the restaurant are recognized and cherished by their loyal customers. Much of their staff is hired to be bilingual in support of their large Hispanic community. The restaurant assures that their customers are treated and approached in whichever way they are most comfortable in.

“Every time I come in, I feel so welcomed to stay for a while and enjoy a nice coffee with friends. There’s no rush to leave,” said Maria Acevedo, a loyal and frequent customer.

Since their significant growth in popularity, the business received a larger growth in income. This allowed the family to open a second shop.

They have a maximum number of 35 employees per store, but the family is also hands-on themselves. The Reina family does not command orders from behind an office door. Customers can often see the owners up front as their friendly cashier or in the kitchen as their hard-working chef.

“We have overcome many obstacles, at the beginning we had many questions. We had to reach out to local businesses and leaders to find our answers” said Aaron Reina, store executive.

The start of Colados began in 2014 when the family lost their jobs of 20 years. Earlier that year, they had taken a trip to Paris, when they tried their first crepes, and instantly fell in love with the taste. Around a week or two after the trip, the primary providers of the family were fired from their long-time jobs. From that moment forward, the idea of a coffee shop arose, and the process of opening a cafe began.

The family had taken huge risks in the competitive field of restaurants and businesses. Luckily for them, it led them down a path of success. They offer hope and assurance to their Latino community, especially with much of the population being afraid to chase dreams as they are immigrants as well.

It takes more than hard work to keep a business functioning. Colados Coffee and Crepes values family, quality, and service to continue growing and expanding.