Important voter information to know for election day

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Glendale Community College has polling stations open at both campus for students, faculty, and community alike to vote in the upcoming general election Nov. 3.

Everyone eligible to vote can do so from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. that day. According to the Arizona Revised Statue 16-547(c), all ballots must be turned in by 7 p.m. or they will not be counted. Allowing a ballot for a bribery or compensation is considered a felony.

GCC Main, at 6000 W. Olive Ave., have their voting polls accessible in the Student union. A large room has been formed using rooms SU-104A, SU-104B, SU-104C, and SU-104D to ensure enough space to properly social distance. There are signs posted all around the school to assist in directions. There are also yellow footprints and orange cones through the entire walkway to guide the path straight towards the ballots.

GCC North campus, at 5727 W. Happy Valley Road, has voting available in the Chinle building. The Chinle, or C building on most maps, is where the bookstore, enrollment center, food services, and other advisement areas are located. The same signs with the cones and footprints are at the North campus as well leading straight to the polls.

Voters can either drop off their absentee ballots or vote directly in-person at a booth.

The Student Union is near the S1 parking lot at GCC Main campus. It is easiest to see the signs and cones when parked there.

The C building is easiest to get to through the library parking lot next to the main entrance.

For more information about how to vote at the GCC campuses visit their website.

For more general voting information go to the online Arizona voter guide.