Local Glendale barbershop remaining open amidst chaos of pandemic

In his 25 years of ownership of Glendale Barbershop, Dan Belford has seen many changes through the years. COVID-19 has caused him to create even more changes to ensure the safety of his customers since the reopening of his business.

To ensure the safety of his clients, Belford has established a “sanitation station” inside his shop. There are various products in the station, such as hand sanitizer, to help maintain a clean area for both himself and everyone around him. He has also been using an ultraviolet sanitizing wand.

For customers 65-years-old or older, appointments are available to schedule, otherwise walk-ins are welcome.

“Most of my elderly customers I have not seen because they don’t want to go out,” said Dan Belford, owner of Glendale Barbershop. Coming back from the closure, Dan said that he experienced a drop in clientele which led to a drop in income for him.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a financial toll on Glendale Barbershop during its closure. Although the barbershop is open for business again, it still has a path to recovery.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called for the closure of barbershops and personal services to curve the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic April 3. By May 8, barber shops were allowed to reopen, but this extended period of closure impacted Glendale Barbershop financially.

“I was pretty much closed without income for about seven weeks,” owner of Glendale Barbershop, Dan Belford said. “I was qualified but didn’t receive the pandemic stimulus packages that they said they were going to give to small businesses” Belford does not know why he did not receive the stimulus package.

Despite these difficult times, Belford has had support, specifically from the local comic bookstore neighboring the barbershop. “Just by letting everybody know, if there’s a customer who needs haircut, ‘Just go down to Dan, Dan is really awesome,’” said Ken Brown, owner of Drawn to Comics comic bookstore. Brown encouraged Belford during this time by recommending his customers go to Glendale Barbershop for their haircuts.

Glendale Barbershop was originally established in 1920 and has been in continuous operation since then. Belford has overseen ownership for the last 25 years. He is currently the only employee.

One of the challenges Belford has experienced in his past 25 years was the loss in clientele during his first few years of ownership. “Those first three years here because I’m reestablishing. That is kind of this business. Even if you move even a mile away, you lose up to 50% of your customers. It’s bizarre,” Belford said.

According to Belford, most of the customers who come to get a haircut are locals to the area downtown Glendale. However, people from Tucson, Flagstaff, Buckeye, Queen Creek, and other cities in the surrounding Arizona area have all traveled to get a haircut from his shop. Belford draws in customers from everywhere.

“There was a couple times where it was kind of a tough economy, and even though I didn’t have the extra funds, he still sometimes covered my haircut,” said Ken Brown, owner of Drawn To Comics. Ken stated that Dan Belford, the owner of Glendale Barbershop, is supportive of the downtown Glendale community.

In addition to hair cutting, Glendale Barbershop also features a small art gallery. Belford’s wife was his inspiration for starting the art gallery. “My wife. She started an art class. And then when we moved here, she wanted to display some of the art in here to… sell it,” Belford said.

Glendale Barbershop is located near the corner of 59th Ave. and Glendale, just over 2 miles from Glendale Community College’s main campus.

Visit Glendale Barbershop’s website to learn more.

“I look forward to people not having to worry about their health,” said Belford.