Financial aid and scholarship workshops held virtually at Glendale Community College

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Glendale Community College is offering free workshops for students to assist with scholarships, FAFSA, or other college planning. Due to the COVID-19 virus and modified rules for meeting in-person, these workshops are currently being held virtually.

Events like these will be going on from now until Oct. 15. The times vary from early morning to mid afternoon. Students must be sure to select times that best suit them and RSVPs are required. Students can find more information at Pay for College on the GCC webpage.

“When I attended the scholarship workshop last year it was very informative and eye-opening to the many opportunities given to students, as myself, regarding the different ways to obtain scholarships,” Reyna Pacheco said.

Within the workshops, students will understand the chances they can acquire to receive financial help in their studies. There will be a great diversity of scholarships for students to choose from. After a student signs into the meeting, counselors will then help explain details and provide many categories of scholarships.

GCC reports a high success rate when it comes to student scholarships. Faculty members will go step-by-step with students for any needs or certain questions. These counselors are very dedicated and invested in their students’ academic lives. They provide valuable opportunities and a variety of scholarships that should be taken advantage of.

“This will be my first time attending a scholarship workshop at Glendale Community College. I like meetings like these in person, but I understand why. My worry is that I won’t get the same help,” current GCC student, Julissa Romero said.

Students can email the financial aid faculty for help or other questions. They do not have to join the workshops, as they are completely optional. It is also optional to attend virtually. If a student would prefer a one-on-one email with scholarship counselors, that is possible as well.