How students can make their life easier during this pandemic

With college courses being shifted to an online learning environment due to COVID-19, students around the country are having to adjust their lifestyles and study habits.

Many college students are coming to the realization that these transitions are difficult to deal with, some struggling more than others. When schools, colleges, and universities closed down to reduce the spread of the virus, it left students and staff wondering what the next step would be.

Once schools transitioned to online classes, professors had to quickly devise a plan to finish off the semester.  Some teachers not knowing how to work with technology at all. This can be extremely stressful for everyone involved, and it doesn’t help that there is a pandemic going on, which already increases stress.

If the excessive amount of change has been overwhelming, here are some tips from two Glendale Community College students who have been successful with the transition.

Madyson Monroe is a sophomore who attended classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Since quarantine began, she started working full time at her job.  One way she helps herself stay on track is by keeping a positive mindset and reminding herself what her future goals are.

This is proven to be true by Mayo Clinic Staff. On their website, they explain how positive thinking works and the health benefits that come along with it.

Another tip Monroe lives by is “setting down portions of time every other day to get organized and do schoolwork.” Monroe said she knows how fast and easy it is for people to get behind, so she encourages students to work ahead.

Tyler Gebhart is a junior whose responsibilities revolve around school and at home workouts. She wants to remind students that “professors know this transition is not easy, so always contact them for extra help and guidance!”

GCC faculty and staff have provided many resources and services for students to help them virtually during this time. Many advisors are also willing to have Zoom meetings if necessary.

If you’ve already considered all the tips given by Monroe and Gebhart and still feel overwhelmed and lost, GCC has also posted ways to Adjust Your Study Habits During COVID-19. In seven easy steps, GCC explains how “we’ll all get through this together.”