Phoenix City Council receives update on COVID-19 response

Phoenix city council met to discuss additional plans to help the city towards the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) April 13.

According to Assistant City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr., a new shipment of 300,000 hand wipes had just arrived, as well as 100,000 new face masks, as of the time of the city council meeting. The face masks received are not the N-95 masks, however. Those types of masks are reserved for the first responders and emergency personnel on the frontline, Dohoney said.

“If you hear singing in the streets, that was the folks that were waiting for the wipes and masks,” Dohoney Jr. said.

There has been a recent struggle to attain the necessary supplies needed for the citizens of Phoenix and all of Arizona as the virus continues to spread.

Additionally, Assistant City Manager Dohoney mentioned the Small Business Relief Grant. It is run by the Arizona Community Foundation and is expected to help over 200 small businesses in Arizona.

According to the Arizona Community Foundation’s website, the grant is offering up to $10,000. It is awarded to any for-profit small business that is trying to keep their employees on payroll. It is also awarded to businesses that are trying to pay other necessary expenses to keep running.

The grant was being offered by the Phoenix IDA and the city as well as a growing list of other partners in the area. Due to the significant response, the application has now closed.

“I think we all join the staff in saying thank you to our employees who worked so hard to respond to COVID-19,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said.

Gallego, Vice Mayor Betty Guardado, and all other council members present shared their gratitude of the hard word given by the staff while asking questions to the Assistant City Manager. Some council members even took time out of the recent holiday weekend to support the residents.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey held a virtual town hall April 2 to discuss his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” executive order.

One of the first concerns Ducey said he had was that there were not enough supplies to give out to everyone, especially coronavirus tests. With these added supplies, the residents of Phoenix can have the resources they need to continue to practice social distancing.

Maricopa county is home to the city of Phoenix. This county has been hit with the largest number of reported cases in Arizona. City council members, along with other staff members, wanted to take as much precaution to flatten the curve as they could.

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