Domino’s Pizza awards GCC student with scholarship


Naomi Mason

Glendale Community College student Naomi Mason has been awarded the Domino’s Futuro Brillante scholarship. The scholarship was a partnership between Domino’s and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

Glendale Community College student Naomi Mason was awarded Domino’s Pizza’s “Futuro Brillante” scholarship in early February.

Mason has been very involved in her community by being an active volunteer, attentive employee and student. The scholarship is going to benefit her future by paying for her tuition this semester and next at GCC.

“I was in such shock. I felt really grateful and couldn’t believe I got the scholarship,” Mason said. “I immediately told my family and they congratulated me, and it still didn’t feel real.”

When thinking of working at Domino’s some may assume it is the restaurant that makes and delivers pizzas. Mason works at the supply chain center, which is the warehouse for Domino’s stores. They deliver the supplies to the stores that need to make their pizzas.

Mason not only works and attends college, but also does volunteer work with her busy schedule.

Mason is also an active volunteer for the girls’ academy at her local theatre. The girls in theatre have weekly meetings and frequently have events on the weekend that Mason attends with them.

Dani Bulger, who works with media relations for Dominos, said “We love seeing team members giving back to their communities, and we are happy to help Naomi pursue her dream of earning a degree.”

This is the first year that Dominos has partnered with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to offer this scholarship. HACU is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote Hispanic student success in higher education. These institutions include more than 470 community colleges and universities, including GCC.

These scholarships were a part of the HACU Scholarship Program. HACU chose from a list of applicants from Houston, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona to be eligible to participate.

According to the HACU website, the Domino’s Futuro Brillante Scholarship was offering a total of $10,000 to a few different students in these cities. Each student received about $2,500 each to help pay for their schooling.

“This all benefits my future because I will be able to finish college without a financial struggle and I am very appreciative of that and cannot wait to get started on my career,” Mason said.

There were some other qualifications required such as being employed at Domino’s or being the child of an employee. Other requirements included a minimum 2.5 GPA, attendance at a HACU member institution, and be a full or part time student.

The last requirement was to answer three questions within 500 words explaining how this scholarship would impact the life and career of whoever was chosen.

Since the partnership with the HACU was successful Domino’s may be interested in doing something similar to this next academic year.