GCC student turns passion into profit

GLENDALE, Ariz. – A Glendale Community College student has created his own business from one of his passions.

Jesus Aguilera is a business major at GCC who is currently operating his own hand car washing business. It goes by Chuy’s Carwash, a name that he chose because it was his childhood nickname.

Aguilera began focusing more on his business in 2019 but began washing cars as Chuy’s Car Wash in 2017. His first customers were mostly friends and family, washing their vehicles on occasion.

“It was just a hobby I had, I got satisfaction out of washing cars. I began buying equipment to use on my car and then started telling people I knew that I could wash theirs,” Aguilera said.

Aguilera said that he did not expect to be pursuing this path in life, but he hopes his passion can create a stable income.

Aguilera has been attending GCC since 2017 and plans to graduate by Fall 2020 with an Associate in Applied Science in General Business.

Aguilera said that he has learned a lot from the classes he has taken at GCC so far and hopes to apply that knowledge further into Chuy’s Car Wash.

He is currently attending school while also maintaining a part time job, so focusing on that plus his business has been a challenge.

“I can only work by appointments right now to try and keep everything in order,” Aguilera said.

Aguilera said that balancing all the different aspects of his life has been the most difficult part as he would like to maintain some form of social life. Sleep has been something he has had to sacrifice a lot of in order to squeeze everything in.

Irvin Garcia is a customer of Aguilera who was getting his 1968 Ford Mustang washed at the time.

“He (Aguilera) uses products I trust here, and I trust that he takes great care of it. It’s older so this helps keep it shining for longer,” Garcia said.

The products Garcia mentioned are Adam’s Polishes. Adam’s Polishes is a car cleaning products company founded by Adam Pitale. They are highly regarded amongst car enthusiasts.

Aguilera said that he wanted to make sure that the products he uses maintains the best health of the paint by having chemicals safe for it as well as protection from the environment.

At the moment, Aguilera said that he does not plan to attend a university after graduating from GCC. He plans to focus the extra time he will have on further expanding Chuy’s Car Wash.

Currently, he washes customers’ cars from his own home, but he soon hopes to take it mobile.

“I want to set up a trailer with all my equipment and water tank to be able to reach more people wherever they are,” Aguilera said.

In the future, he hopes to open a brick-and-mortar location.