Cerreta Candy Company Has High Sales in Valentines Decorative Hearts


Cerreta Candy Company in Downtown Glendale has had high sales of its decorative heart-shaped candy in recent Valentines Days. (Brandon Jirak/ The Voice)

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Cerreta Candy Company, located in the heart of Historic Downtown Glendale, has had high sales in recent Valentine’s Days thanks to decorative heart-shaped candy.

The company makes chocolate in its factory and sells them inside the shop located in the same building. While shopping, the creation of the chocolate, including the Valentine’s heart candy, can be seen by guests.

The decorative chocolate is shaped as a heart, but it can be designed in anyway the customer likes. It is a custom-made chocolate for a loved one during Valentine’s Day, which consumers are quick to buy.

“During Valentine’s Day there were medium rate sales in late January to the beginning of February, but during Valentine’s week and the day of there were a ton of sales. Even on Valentine’s Day there were a lot of last-minute shoppers.” Andrew Aragon, a Cerreta’s worker, said.

During the holidays the chocolate shop has a ton of sales. Especially during Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. According to Aragon, many people buy chocolate at the last minute during these holidays.

“We make chocolates that are themed to the holidays. For example, chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, chocolate bunnies for Easter and many other types of chocolate if they prefer,” Aragon said.

These decorative hearts have ways that couples can show their affection towards each other and enjoy some chocolate.

“People, especially couples, love decorative hearts because it’s something they can decide on and how they make it. For example, people can say ‘I love you’ to their partner and they both can enjoy it,” Aragon said.

Inside the factory, they use a lot of vintage machines such as a caramel cutter, which cuts caramel in a smooth fashion.

Decorative Hearts are the highest sales this year for Valentine’s Day, but they are not the only best seller. They have chocolate bunnies for this Easter that are a popular sale according to Aragon.

The chocolate shop also has tours for those who want to look at the history and how they make the chocolate.

“Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. there are tours of the chocolate shop and birthday tours on Saturday,” Aragon said.

The company is a family owned business founded by Jim Cerreta Sr. 50 years ago. They are open Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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