‘Past and Present’ art exhibition features GCC’s own faculty

Artwork showcased by art faculty Sharon Forsmo at Glendale Community College North in Phoenix. (Makayla O’Bannon/The Voice)

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Resident painting and drawing instructor Sharon Forsmo is showcasing 22 of her art pieces, from the past and present, at Glendale Community College North campus Feb. 10- 21.

A variety of 2D media is hung up in the Chinle Building on the eastern wall, perpendicular to a large window that overlooks the neighboring desert landscape.

The gallery will include paintings and drawings that Forsmo has accumulated over the last 20 years. Eleven of the art pieces will be for sale while on display. The types of art that will be featured include watercolor, acrylics, oil paintings, as well as other media.

As students walk through the gallery on their way to meet friends, or on their way to the vending machines, they will see an array of pieces. These highlight Forsmo’s various stages of experience and her design process.

“I had old artwork hanging around, and I just thought it fit in the continuum. It wasn’t so different that I couldn’t put it up. I think it shows students that it is ok to have different phases of your work,” Forsmo said.

Forsmo’s hope is that students will look at the development of her art and be inspired themselves. Even if it is old, it is worth showing, she mentioned.

Forsmo’s style is largely representational, and the pieces on the wall reflect that. Representational art is where the artist clearly conveys the subject, whether that be a person or object, and there is no hidden meaning the creator is trying to give. There will be images featuring people, landscapes and objects that show off her expertise in the artform.

“Art is a really important part of human expression… I really like it when North is included in things like this,” Courtney Gatewood, one of the student advisors at the North campus, said.

Gatewood works in the Chinle building, where the art is hung. She talked about being overjoyed when new media is installed to view, as the Main campus usually has more art being shown.

After this gallery is moved, there will be more art presented in March. Three students; Fhala Richards, Colleen O’Rielly, and Dominque Cox, are next up to show off their craftsmanship. All three artists are former or current students of Forsmo and were chosen at random to showcase their work. She knows their style very well because they have all been in her classes before.

These students, coincidentally, produce imagery that is individually unique but is still cohesive enough to be put in a gallery together. Flyers will be posted around the GCC North and Main campuses with more information.

Sharon and her colleague Donna White have showcased art many times before, at GCC and other locations. This time, however, they have decided it was time to let Forsmo take center stage.

All students and faculty are welcome to visit the display. For more information, visit the GCC website or contact the art department.

*Editor’s note: Edited to include photos of the artwork.