GCC holds first Innovation Summit

Glendale Community College held its first “Innovation Summit” in the student union from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 19

The event featured five small business panel speakers and four faculty presenters. Each individual spoke for seven minutes about concepts and ideas on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Seven students competed with their ideas for cash, “Shark Tank” style.

The summit was open to the whole community, especially if you are someone “looking to get inspired, empowered, and to learn how to overcome obstacles,” Dr. Gabriela Cojanu, GCC business faculty and event organizer, said.

Even though this event is focused on entrepreneurs, don’t be discouraged. Everyone is entrepreneurial in everyday life.

Cojanu personally met all the speakers and chose them for their positive outlooks on life, different views on how to achieve goals, and passion.

Keynote speaker Kimber Lanning is the founder and executive director of Local First Arizona Foundation, a statewide nonprofit organization focused on creating a diverse and inclusive Arizona economy. Lanning is a strong supporter of small businesses and encourages local economics. She has also been awarded with the “50 Most Influential Women in Arizona” award by Arizona Business Magazine.

Psychology faculty Dr. Fernando Romero’s main focus is “baby steps and how you really only accomplish important things in life by breaking things down into manageable pieces and that success is really primarily based on effort”.

Romero’s focus also included how success is related with regulating your emotions.

Romero said that he believes in mindfulness, human happiness, and meditation. He also went into detail about a strategy called “WOOP”. WOOP is based off of scientific research and is a mental strategy that brings you closer to your desires and turns dreams into achievable goals.

To learn more about positive psychology, Romero is teaching a class fall of 2020 called PSY262 Positive Psychology: The Science and Art of Happiness.

Other speakers included a panel of Arizona small business owners: Jacob Meltzer, owner of Keep It Cut, Natalee Sticht, owner of Fit For Business, Kimberly Horton, owner of Purple Gurl’s, Ron Babich, CEO and founder of Easy Voice, Carlos Velasco, owner of Novle and Ross Snyder, owner of White Tie Production.