Geology Club promotes interest in physical sciences


Marie Sullivan

Geology club members create crystals during a meeting. The club meets every other Friday in Physical Science building, room 174

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Every other Friday, the Geology Club meets in Physical Science 174 at 2:30 PM. The club is led by president Stephen Holtz and advised by Geology Lab Coordinator Wayne Johnson.

The purpose of the club is to further learning, deepen understanding, and promote general appreciation of the geological and physical sciences.

The Geology Club allows students to grow an interest in geology or further their curiosities in the field. They go on several trips throughout the semester to help get a hands-on experience with geology.

“We try to take as many trips as possible to go and experience geology, it is one of those sciences that you have to go to the science,” Holtz said.

The club attended the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, one of the largest shows of its kind, Feb. 8. A variety of rocks, gems and minerals from all around the world were showcased, with some available for purchase. Many extraordinary findings were present there, with numerous researchers, authors, miners and gemologists in attendance to share their knowledge and experience in the field.

The Geology Club began last semester when several students interested in the earth sciences, who like to get together and talk about geologic findings, came together to organize the club according to Johnson.

Johnson said he hopes members can “get more knowledge of geology and more exposure to being out in the field, seeing geology in the real world instead of in a textbook.” Further expanding on geology being better understood by going out and experiencing it.

Among the trips they have planned is going to Death Valley National Park in California for a 5-day camping trip during spring break. While camping, they will also be observing the geology of that area. They had previously taken a camping trip here, which according to the members of the club greatly enjoyed it.

“It’s really awesome,” Holtz said.