Public Safety releases report for Nov. 2-8

The Glendale Community College Public Safety department has released its incident report for Nov. 2-8.

November 2: A volunteer at the mass casualty event being held at the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center became ill. Transport was refused.

November 5: An employee injured his head in the Fine Arts building. Phoenix Fire Department responded but did not transport the injured subject.

November 6: A laptop computer was found in the Public Science building and turned in to College Police as found property. The item was later claimed by the owner.

November 6: A cellphone was turned in to College Police as found property. The cellphone was found in the Fitness Center Women’s faculty locker room. The item was returned to the owner.

November 7: College Police responded to the Performing Arts Center due to a student having a seizure. The student was treated by Glendale Fire but not transported.

November 8: College Police took possession of a cellphone and debit card that were left unattended outside of the CCS building. The items were claimed a few minutes later.

November 8: An unknown suspect removed a bicycle from the rack located on the northeast corner of the Humanities building