GCC bands hold performances

Glendale Community College has several performances happening this time of year, including jazz band and choir shows, among others.

For many, it is a good way to relax and unwind from the normal routines of their lives.

“I always try to make it down to the band concerts… Even in high school, I always attended all the band concerts because the environment is fun to be in,” Chris Fala, a music major at Northern Arizona University, said.

Fala said that attending all the band performances is a big part of what set him on the path of being a music major.

Dr. David Schmidt, who leads the jazz big band at GCC, interacts with his students in many ways, such as a fist bump after a good solo or recognition after each tune for individual soloists.

Linda Howard, who had a grandchild in the GCC symphonic winds a couple years back, always attends the symphonic winds concerts, no matter what.

“Mr. Humbert runs a great band program and my family appreciates the way he made our grandchild love band again… He always makes the audience feel welcome and may even give them a laugh or two,” Howard said.

This point was also proven after attending a GCC Symphonic Winds performance in the Spring of 2019.  Bill Humbert, the director of the band, did make the audience laugh a few times, but the main thing that was noticed, was the fact that the band would chuckle at the cheesy jokes. It was as if they all were communicating with each other, purely by one comment from their director, but they all somehow were able to get right back on track.

Now that the band performances have once again rolled around, people are getting excited for them. Zachary Gregory, who has Post-traumatic stress disorder, said that he absolutely loves going to these performances.

“Even though I suffer from this, I still go because it relaxes me… The funny thing is, I never knew this band, or this type of environment, existed before my sister was in band… The music the band produces takes me out of this world and into another,” Gregory said.

Gregory said that generally he doesn’t like to go out and be around that many people, but the power of the music and the environment somehow swayed him into believing that it is okay to be wherever you want, with no worries at all.

The GCC Music department will be holding several more performances throughout October, including Choir Oct. 17, Guitar Ensemble Oct. 18, and Piano Studio Oct. 19. The performances will all be in the Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m., with free admission.