GCC Public Safety releases weekly incident report

Glendale Community College’s Public Safety department has released its campus incident report for Oct. 5 through Oct. 11.

October 7: Currency found in the Student Union building was turned in to the College Police Department as found property.

October 7: At GCC North, an employee reported to College Police that in May 2019 they lost a key to a building on campus.

October 7: A college employee reported that a set of keys were lost over the weekend. The keys were later located.

October 7: Contact was made with a non-student for illegally parking in a disability parking space. The subject was cited for the violation.

October 8: College Police were advised that between Oct. 3 and Oct. 7, an unknown individual or individuals damaged a copy of an image that was posted on an office door.

October 8: A student reported to College Police that items had been removed off of his truck. Permission was not given to remove property. Case is still active according to the report.

October 8: Two students came to the College Police office to report that one of their friends were threatening to commit suicide. Attempts were made to locate the subject and the matter was referred to a local agency where the subject lives.

October 8: College Police observed a previously trespassed subject back on the property in the northeast parking lot. In addition to the trespass, the subject was also arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

October 9: A cell phone was turned in to College Police as found property. The cell phone was found in the Math building. The item was returned to the owner.

October 10: College Police observed a minor traffic collision in the northeast parking lot.

October 10: A student injured his left hand during an engineering project in the northwest parking lot. Transport was refused.

October 10: College Police responded to the northeast parking lot for a report of a stolen vehicle. The case is still active according to the report.

October 10: A student reported that a bumper sticker had been placed on his car without permission.

October 10: An instructor reported that a student may be having suicidal thoughts. Contact was made with the student.